About Zink.

Ausloans Finance Group has developed cutting-edge software that is set to revolutionise the financial loan application process.

With Zink technology, simply taking the details of a customer's driving licence and within 2 mins a ‘traffic light’ system can show their creditworthiness as well as how much finance they are eligible to borrow.

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Is my customer eligible?

A traffic light system provides you with a complete financial history; green means the deal can proceed, orange requires further investigation, and red means the customer is not eligible.

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Reduction in time to approval.

With integration with several databases, from various credit bodies, allowing information of creditworthiness to be presented.

Process Efficiency.

At the time of application Zink queries various agencies, Sensis, ASIC and Equifax, to validate the information given allowing for correct and up-to-date data to be recorded.

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